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Candice is a weaver of cosmic threads, with a passion and commitment to expansive vision, on behalf of systems and communities. In her study of the lens, Candice first offered her craft as a photographic artist for 10 years. Her intuitive process bestowed a perspective of energetic evolution, through the relationship between the human body and Earth, captured on behalf of the muse and receiver. Seeking to more effectively communicate auras, or the energetic field, astrological language became the most acute lens to leave an impactful and embodied transformation. Candice’s transmissions channel her shapeshifting sight, and subterranean access of feeling, to unearth reverence for the spark of Creation, and the furthest reaches of our conscious universe, of which we source from within us. In cultivating respect for our ability to psychically attune to our mission and desire, she provides an intimate space to see oneself in entirety, through the eyes of another.

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