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Brighid is a certified Yoni Mapping Therapist, Intuitive Bodyworker, Spiral Practitioner, and Teacher of the WILDGRACE Method. Always fascinated by the nature of human beings and our very nature of existence, Brighid has traversed through many realms of academic study, esoteric explorations, and experiential training as a means to cultivate a rich, diverse, and embodied understanding of the complexities of the human experience. Brighid found the last piece of the transformational puzzle when she began to embrace her sexuality and embrace this energy as a force for healing, connection, and creation. Her passion for experimental and erotic embodiment imbues her work with a vibrancy and enthusiasm that invites her clients into a space of epic permission and full expression. Brighids mission is to support people on their journey of healing, reclaiming, and evolving all aspects of their being, so that they may embrace their true power and step in to the fullest expression of themselves.

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