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She is,⁣⁠ the most rare comet,⁣⁠ dancing through the void,⁣⁠ gently realigning what needs to be moved.⁣⁠ Her blood,⁣⁠ drips with the magic of the cosmos,⁣⁠ and move with deep trust,⁣⁠ for what is,⁣⁠ and what will be.⁣⁠ She moves you,⁣⁠ navigating the underworld,⁣⁠ through the darkness,⁣⁠ with softness,⁣⁠ with light,⁣⁠ with gentle vibrations that wrap around you ⁣⁠ like silk,⁣⁠ like honey.⁣⁠ She opens you,⁣⁠ to the blueprint of the planets⁣⁠ while holding the mirror steady,⁣⁠ of who you truly are.⁣⁠ She is,⁣⁠ The Soft Serpent. ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ //⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ Belas journey began through the lens of astrology. For five years, she dedicated herself to learning the connection between the human condition, our personal blueprints and the planetary alignments that influence our reality. Even though this study delivered profound awareness and self-understanding, Bela quickly found that without being embodied in the experience of ourselves and our bodies we can bypass true feeling through using our journey as just another narrative to escape into. When she started to live her knowledge, and truly embody what she had learned, Bela found herself moving through layers of deeply suppressed and stored emotions in her body. She now works with her deep understanding of astrology as a way to determine the focus points for healing and opening, that can then be moved through with personalised embodiment practices. Bela aims to facilitate an internal unravelling of conditioned beliefs and crystallised emotions, to ultimately reveal the knowledge that lives deep in the core of each of us. Bela’s mission is to guide people through the walls around their wounded hearts, to discover the medicine that lives there.

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