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Julia Fenn is an Advocate of the Sensory and the Sacred. She works with the spaces of the mind, body, spirit and built environment to strengthen our connection to our sensory depths. She is a Feminine Frequency Formula Teacher and current WILDGRACE Mentor. Julia's body of work of seven years is dedicated to trauma recovery, embodiment education and systems change, all aligning towards a common outcome, the decolonisation and reclamation of the mind, body, senses and environment. It is within the waters and in the space of ether, we remember and reconnect to our divine potential. Julia is here to celebrate and honour our capacity to feel and remember, beyond and before our conditioning, leading towards a world of unity, health, expression and sovereignty for all. Having completed a Bachelor of Spatial Design (first class hons) and with a background in Structural Engineering, She works in anchoring sacred awareness of the lands and histories we exist within and build upon. She has trained for three years in Mirimiri, a Traditional Māori Healing bodywork modality and co-facilitated workshops and taught around Aotearoa / New Zealand.

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