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Lauren Renee is a Spiritual Mentor for visionary entrepreneurs, Conscious Sexuality Leader and Divine Orchestrator of New Earth empires. Recognised for her vibrant energy and nurturing transformational presence, Lauren facilitates empowerment, healing and connection that activates people into heightened states of aliveness, creativity, confidence, clarity of purpose and pleasure. Through her personal brand, Lauren Renee Intimacy and The Visionary Vortex - her VIP membership and creative business agency - she guides leaders to harness the power of their life force, break through scarcity-based conditioning and create change by becoming the embodiment of their visions, now. Over the past decade she has worked with and learned from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, both in mainstream and conscious business, supporting through media, public relations, communications and creative strategy. Her gifts lie strongly in communication and feminine wisdom. In her sessions she is able to clearly feel the creative vision that wants to move through her clients and express it through words that activate the cells in their body, while fully connecting to their highest self to initiate them into their most soul-aligned purpose and leadership. She is also able to channel organisational structures and use her master connector skills to call in collaborative partnerships. Above all else, Lauren is a channel and healer who witnesses you in the highest expression of your magic and clears the path for you to let your unique gifts lead the way.

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