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Lauren; The divine feminine is she, helping to unlock your inner visionary – merging that with sexuality. There is no separation. A rekindling of the candle that is your creative expression, lighting the flame to reverse your sexual repression; the ultimate map towards your true business expansion. How can you master the art of all three? Need not, because in activating one, you activate all; you’ll see. Calling on ancient wisdom, truths cast aside for centuries, Lauren is here to bring them back to life. Divinely wise, feminine in stride, heart outside. Leading you by the murmurings of your own soul’s whispering; it’s time to rise into your most inspired, surrendered to the tide of your life’s greatest ride; are you ready to feel alive? Teaching you to come home to your body; your one true compass & embodying the truth that is your erotic innocence. Letting it be the curiosity that shows you where you’re holding back from opening the very doors to the halls that only YOU are here to walk down, and yet you hide. Holding you in safety, yet gently provoking the things that keep you locked away, that keep you inside, when really your heart is yearning to climb; “Is it safe outside?”. “Yes, come with me.” Lauren is here to lead you into sacred intimacy. Holding the pillars to activate your pure potentiality, your inner visionary & your sexuality. She guides you to your softening, and to your homecoming. This transmission is holy, it’s you coming back to the source of your own infinity; the truth that’s always been there waiting for you to look inside and realise…You are meant to be living a life feeling turned on, alive AND inspired.

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