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Rosalia walks the earth with grace filled steps that kiss the earth with the remnants of Christ consciousness. Her deep, embodied relationship with the Magdalene expression radiates through her bones, into her presence, and through her channel. There is no way to feel Rosalia's transmission without feeling Her. Rosalia’s mission is fuelled by her heart’s aching desire to be the change she wishes to see in the world. The potent medicine of the magnolia weaves in her blood and drops into her transmission. Every word that drips from her lips is coated with agapē, and activates your soul like it was scripture written just for your own personal unraveling. Rosalia embodies the scales of balance through dancing between deep nurture and play. There is no way to miss the softness and understanding in her eyes that shows her understanding of your pain, as she has journeyed a thousand lifetimes in this one. There is nothing that can hide in her vision. Her sensitivity sees the threads that pull you in all directions and possibilities. Her heart's expression can simultaneously douse you in compassion for where you are, and create a space where you can embody all you can be. She is the walking embodiment of what happens when the weight of the ocean works with the earth to lay waste to what no longer serves humanity. Anything that doesn’t match the frequency of truth cannot survive around her. Rosalia has a background in Yoga, Tantra, Leadership and Initiation training, as well as years of fine tuning her own intuitive gifts.

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