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She decided to put down the maps that were written from history of this place and trust her inner sun to always shine the way for her. She does not follow, nor does she wish you to follow either. She shines just because she can and so can you. Maarja discovered her capacity to access original wisdom purely through play. She allows this to be expressed through visionary art and creative writing. Exploring energetic landscapes has always been easy for her. Share your wildest dreams with her and she has no doubt it is possible. Those moments, when you get stuck at explaining a sensation present in you, she pauses and senses and knows without words needed. Her curiosity always lies in what else is there, what else is possible, what else can be ignited. Never settling for anything less than magic. She loves to dive into the energetic potential that you are and peel back layers of obvious, to discover more. Maarja is essentially here at this time to hold pure potential and co-create with those who are ready to see and sense beyond what is seemingly available. To know again, that we each are the centre of our own Multiverses and how the creation and actualisation of those really work. With her visionary art and creative writing she allows you to remember that and more. We each have the capacity to walk many different paths in many different directions simultaneously and we do not need to choose between them, but remember that we can choose it all and then direct its order of appearance. We are always in control, even when seemingly mapless.

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