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Natalia Ka is committed to the transformative power of the soul. For over 10 years, Natalia worked in the field of developmental psychology, early childhood trauma and human rights. Initially her work was dedicated to healing families, evolving into research, academia and policy work. The yearning to extend our collective and individual human rights and freedoms pulled her into this space but she soon found that the system within which she was operating in, was in fact prohibiting souls from realising their gifts. And so she went on a mission to find another way to reach the heart, to reach the soul and unleash it! In more recent years, Natalia has delved into the Shamanic realms, immersing herself into Tantra, conscious sexuality, esoteric studies and Jungian psychology. As her journey deepened, she found herself at a Mystery School in New Zealand. This is where she experienced some of the most heart opening experiences to date. After being based in New Zealand for the last year spending, Natalia has journeyed back home to the red earth of Australia. Natalia is passionate about tasting and feeling all variations of love, assisting others in finding a deeper connection to self, others and life. She is devoted to the authentic expression and liberation of the raw love that is flowing through us always. Natalia holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Masters in Public Health and Masters in Social Work. She is also a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner and uses energetic and intuitive practices in her offerings. Natalia has direct experience in working with the interpersonal, transpersonal and younger parts of self. She is devoted to the healing of relationships of the inner and outer realms and the human spirit.

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