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Robbie sees a world where people connect from the depths of their hearts and communicate transparently, authentically, and vulnerably, opening the doors to deep love, connections, and intimacy both within and with others. Throughout his journey, Robbie has acquired and wielded himself with different fields of knowledge, tools, and practices. From participating in the 12 step program to exploring the deep mysteries and wisdom of ancient traditions, Robbie has developed his abilities and skills in various fields, including Buddhist philosophies, Vipassana, QiGong, Reiki, Yoga, and Jungian Psychology; and was also greatly influenced by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Plant medicines.  “We have to face and embrace our darkest demons. If we haven’t yet made friends with our dark side, then we’re not living in our most authentic expression.” The journey Robbie has been on has enabled him to develop the tools to work with his deepest wounds. The tools he has developed to support himself navigating his own experience, have become a gift which he now shares. By supporting people to bring awareness and integrate the shadows, the wounded parts, Robbie empowers people to open their hearts fully and live a life of deep love and connection, based on authentic and transparent communication.

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