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Sally Jayne is a Modern Day Mystic. Through her owns life experience and the utilisation of tantric practice and yogic science. Sally Jayne has a burning soul desire to serve the medicine that awakens the feminine womb-heart. Her medicine comes delivered in a delicately curated and crafted expression of her studies in Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Tantric-Hatha Yoga and the deeply healing art of Yoni Massage. Sally Jayne is delicately creating spaces where women feel safe to dive into all aspects of what it means to be a woman. To live a life of the modern day Mystic where there is no separation between any part of ourselves and our divine nature. Based in Byron Bay Australia. Sally Jayne has curated experiences based on her own exploration for a need in society for spiritual, and yogic practices that are in alignment with the uniqueness of a woman. Sally Jayne has completed studies in but is not limited too; · KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Guru Dass) · Conscious Conception and Pregnancy (The Awakened Woman) Suraj Khalsa) · Australian Certified Therapeutic Yoni Practitioner (Kristin Murray Alexi) · Tantric Hatha Yoga (Octavio Salvado) · Vinyasa Yoga (Radiantly Alive) · Kundalini- Tantra Bodywork Practitioner (Dr. Simon Martin and Chantelle Raven) - Feminine Frequency Modality with Sigourney Weldon · Health Coach (Integrative Institute of Nutrition) · Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist (Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy)

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