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The essence of Saya is both Earth and Water. Her grounded love will guide you to release shame from your body and inhabit more of your unique expression by connecting you to your pleasure and sensuality. Saya passionately shares the skills and tools that have been foundational for her in cultivating Autonomy, sovereignty, and inner agency. Born to a Japanese father and English/Irish Mother, Saya is committed to clearing generational trauma patterns and imprints of scarcity replacing them with freedom, and empowerment codes. Saya’s presence is her communication. She will look you in the eyes as she’s learning, athletically listening to your every word. When you work with Saya, you will go on a journey through elemental and emotional re-connection, primal movement, and de-armoring practices. Her transmission is an integration of strength and softness. What you should know about Saya is she has no fear of expressing what she sees and feels in the moment and will hold you to your authenticity with great love and compassion. Curious and inquisitive, she delves deeply into understanding human potential, mastering states of consciousness. Utilizing self-awareness & ritual practices to reframe the current reality. A Qualified Holistic Health Coach, Power Yoga teacher, and Wild Grace Trainer. Saya holds a space for easeful transformation by creating a nurturing, safe, container that invites you to drop into a state of deep relaxation.

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