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Tomas Busby has a thirst for life that drives him to experience as much of it as possible. He mixes his passion for art, deep-ecology, ritual and embodiment together to create transformative experiences for people. Tomas is a creative force focused on feeling and acting from the depths of the soul. He has a vast amount of drive and ambition to show up authentically and fully. Tomas runs a film and photo business collaborating with pioneers of sexuality, tantra, embodiment & magick. He is on his way to fulfilling his goal of amplifying and magnetising the messages of innovators of these spaces. He has spent the past three years working on ‘The Forest Explains’ a documentary about the revolutionary syntropic agroforestry movement. And he is in pre-production for a documentary aimed at empowering men to live a more liberated life. His early career was spent teaching thousands of students to use dance as a way to heal and express their uniqueness. Along this journey he constantly received gifts and letters from students and their parents for the change that he made in their lives by creating a safe space for people to experience their emotions. He left this job at the age of 21, because his students looked up to him for answers, answers that at that age he did not have. So he went searching for them. He wanted to know how to stop their pain and suffering. He set out on the artist's journey becoming a creative genius, all with the desire to learn more about the human experience. Though he never found the answers to stop their suffering, but what he did find was how to use pain as a launchpad for transformation and how to experience the full spectrum of emotions to walk the path to completion. He journeyed through his own battles of depression and anxiety that lingered from his fathers unfortunate passing to suicide. He jumped head first into sexuality, which liberated him into understanding masculine life force energy and how to cultivate that life force into epic action whilst also experiencing the full spectrum of pleasure. He spent four years in mens circles and supporting various men's events, experiencing archetypal medicine and unravelling the truth of what it means to be a man. Once he learned as much as he could from masculinity he began exploring the feminine essence and came to understand the power of the feminine expression and now teaches feminine embodiment. He also rans shamanic rebirth ceremonies for close friends and fortnightly mens circles. Tomas can’t sit idly as life passes by. He endeavors to become life incarnate.

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