with Sigourney Belle

An Initiatory Journey into the Sacred Feminine and Tantric Embodiment Arts


An Initiatory Journey into the Sacred Feminine and Tantric Embodiment Arts


The WILDGRACE™ movement, a community and an untaming. Consisting of Global Events, Immersions and Trainings, we teach women how to access their innate sensuality, intuition, pleasure, power and freedom, through Sacred Embodiment. We are fast becoming the leading training for women in the field of Sacred Sexuality & Empowerment. Our trainings are designed to activate and awaken women into their power and into a role of leadership as a Facilitator of Embodiment and the Sacred Sexuality and Tantric arts. Teaching women how to self heal and liberate themselves of physical, mental and emotional stress, by working with practises that open the gateways to accessing the somatic and intuitive wisdom of the body as well as deepening in self love, connection and embodied expression. Created by Sigourney Belle Weldon, who is a Teacher with 8 years experience specialising in Healthcare, from Physiotherapy to various Energy Medicines, Tantra and Mind Body Psycho Somatic Practises, WILDGRACE™ bridges the teachings of the Western and Eastern Healing Arts through teaching the intersection of Science and Spirituality in a cutting, new paradigm formula. At the core of our teachings is the Parasympathetic Restoration Technique ®, which is a registered modality with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies, created by Sigourney. It is our belief that the deepest healing takes place through allowing our nervous systems to come into a state of deep relaxation and rest. Through various embodiment techniques and Tantric teachings, we will teach you how to reverse stress and return to a natural state: alive, free, ecstatic, alive and deeply grounded in the body.


WILDGRACE™ mission is to mobilise and awaken people to experiencing the ecstacy of being alive and fully present in the body. Through the reclamation of our own life force and inner source of empowerment , we can create positive change- both within ourselves, our community and collectively, to heal the Earth. WILDGRACE™ is a practise which connects us back to our roots, our physical body and the land that we walk on. Instead of trying to ascend through practises that transcend the physical body, WILDGRACE™ advocates for the descent of grace into the body, by teaching emotional alchemy and embodiment with the feminine movement formula. The vision of WILDGRACE™ is to create spaces for people to be able to access their freedom of expression. Utilising the Parasympathetic Restoration Technique ®, an accredited modality with the International Institue of Complimentary Therapies, you will learn a formula to drop people into deep healing states, to access grace and beauty through Tantric movement and to unlock their capacity for inner transformation. We desire to collaborate with boutique wellness & yoga studios and other beautiful spaces to create temple spaces, both small and large, where people can come home to themselves, free of the dogmatic constructs that keep us from experiencing our full expression. As a company, we desire to upskill and train teachers to become independent contractors, offering the WILDGRACE™ teachings in spaces within Australia wide and Globally. One of the main intentions of the training is to leverage both women and men into their individual, unique creative powers. For this reason, when you have completed your training, we encourage you to bring your own flavour and gifts into the spaces that you create.


The WILDGRACE™ Foundations Training is a week long initiatory journey and training, giving you a taste of Transformation and allowing you to experience our Revolutionary Healing Program. Once you have completed the FOUNDATIONS Training, if you desire to become a teacher, then you can talk to us and apply to come to our 2 week Deep Dive Teacher Training, which is run once a year. To apply for our yearly teacher training intensive, you can contact us on hello@thewildgracemovement.com Please note: This is more than just a training. It is a complete overhaul of what you know to be true and will realign you with your truth and power.


Beyond the trainings, we are creating a movement and a community of women who are supporting one another to create powerful change within their communities. For this reason, as a part of our trainings, we encourage you to continue to stay a part of what we have created, by signing up to our exclusive members portal, where we offer educational resources and trainings every month.






Monday March 8th- Sunday March 14th

TIMES (please read carefully)

10am- 6pm daily

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes early each day as we will be starting on time and closing the doors at the allocated start time. This is to ensure that we are able to move through the full training schedule.


Please note- the pricing will be adjusted to add GST at checkout.

PRICING- $3300 "AUD" exc GST

OR $1745 GBP exc GST

Payment plans (up to 3 payments permitted which are to be paid off by the completion of the training) incur a small amount of interest and you can choose an automated payment plan by going to the website link in the event.


There are limited spaces available and we only accept those that we have first had a chat to, to ensure that it is a right fit. To book your place, please first book a free call with our sales team who will discuss the training with you and help you decide whether it is suitable fit for you. You can book a free discovery call, here – https://wildgrace.as.me/ To enquire more about the TTC, you can contact our team at hello@thewildgracemovement.com


PLEASE NOTE: there are no refunds offered for this event/training. This is on the entire cost of the training, not just the deposit. If you have selected to pay with a payment plan, the full payment plan needs to be paid. If you choose to withdraw, you can apply for your training to be postponed to a later date. Whether or not your application is successful is up to the discretion of the WILDGRACE team. To find out more about our refunds policy, please read the refunds conditions you agree to at checkout, before purchasing the event.

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