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Embodied Spiral

Embodied Spiral

with Mieka Phoenix

A specifically tailored 1:1 container The Spiral is an incredible tool to get you to where you want to be in life faster by clearing parental and ancestral conditioning. It is a registered therapeutic spiritual technology combining the best of Kinesiology, NLP, Spiral dynamics, the chakra system and traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with the WildGrace embodiment teachings it creates a catalyst of transformation, a journey to step into the best version of yourself

What is The Spiral and what can I expect  ?

Change your beliefs = change your reality !
Our world is a direct reflection of our unconscious mind, therefore it is essential to reshape the beliefs that are hiding beneath the surface if we want to create a different outcome for ourselves.

Early childhood experiences influence our life tremendously. In the early years of our life we absorb behaviours that are shown to us by the world around us, which creates certain beliefs and with this an unconscious “program”. Very often these tendencies and patterns have been passed on for generations, they form the foundation of how we perceive and live our life in every single moment.

It is impossible to create a life that is deeply fulfilling when you hold beliefs in your unconscious                            

  • that you aren’t worthy
  • that love isn’t safe or that you are unlovable
  • that you aren’t good enough to do the things/get the job you truly desire


The Spiral is designed to dive deep into your unconscious mind to bring light to these shadows. We then release the beliefs that are blocking you from creating the life you desire through Kinesiology,NLP and Embodiment practices.

Over 9 session we work our way through 22 key emotions such as shame, fear and love. We find the underlying patterns that are connected to these emotions and clear them. This opens you up to a new level of worthiness, joy and a greater feeling of aliveness. From this place you become more of who you truly are without the old, unconscious conditioning which enables you to live your true potential.

Session overview

Preparation for the journey: In this session we will cover the foundations such as the principles of shadow work, embodiment and the mirror theory. We will also deepen and anchor your unique intention into the container and your body. (Intention is everything in this work!)

 Level 1 Deserving Worth/Survival Emotions: Shame, Guilt, Dogma

 Level 2 Creativity Belonging/Feelings Emotions: Fear, Grief, Paralyzed will

 Level 3 Power Shine/Setting Boundaries Emotions: Anger, Desire, Pride

 Level 4 Openness Love/Organisation Emotions:  Love, Acceptance, Reason

 Level 5 Expression Leadership/Voice Emotions: Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Anxiety

 Level 6 Vision Perception/Intuition Emotions: Truth, Trust, Receptivity

 Level 7 Purpose Spirituality/Higher States Emotions: Joy, Peace, Enlightenment, Purpose

Final Session:  Integration time, redesigning your life moving forward, manifestation clear

+ support via messenger in between sessions if needed, I will be with you all the way !


How do I know if the Spiral is right for me ?

  • You are ready to transform your life and commit to showing up for the change you would like to see and create over 9 sessions
  • You want to break out of draining cycles that keep repeating in relationships, intimacy career or creativity and step into a lighter reality
  • You would like to experience more love and deepen your connection to your body
  • You want to let go of ancestral conditioning and send out ripples of change, not only for yourself but for generations to come
  • You would like more clarity and direction in your life and integrate a new level of confidence and trust in your abilities
  • You feel the call and you have no idea “why”

It is not for you if ….

  • You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and prefer to keep repeating old patterns
  • You don’t want to commit to showing up for yourself and your dreams
  • You don’t want to experience more love, openness and aliveness
  • You are currently experiencing significant trauma or psychiatric problems


Testimonials – What others say

Mieka was a guiding light in the darkness. A powerful presence holding me through whatever came up, from my darkest depths to ecstatic joy. She gifted me with tools and understanding for how to navigate my way through the uncomfortable parts so we could shift these patterns from the core. As we began to shift patterns, I gained more awareness on other areas of my life in which these were showing up. Throughout the process, I gained more ability and confidence to move through what was showing up on my own. It felt like each time something came up, the process of moving through it would be quicker. I could clearly see where I was holding myself back and where I needed support. I no longer felt dependent on others, or like I had to do everything on my own. I could feel myself stepping more deeply into my power and self-worth. The ideas we worked with became embodied truths. I began to feel so safe, supported and empowered to be myself that it shook the very fabric of my life. Everything I had ever dreamed of was now possible, and I had the freedom within myself to start making it happen. I'm endlessly grateful to Mieka for the unconditional kindness and support given through our time together. Now, having completed the journey, I still feel the effects of my intentions echo into new parts of my life. What we begun here continues to unravel new layers. Opening the way for more peace, joy and abundance. I now feel so calm and empowered to live with more purpose, focus and creativity as I move through my life. *Emily*


Mieka is an incredibly passionate coach/guide. In the space she held, I felt a profound permission to express myself authentically and allow myself to be completely vulnerable. This was the first type of this work that I have done and I found it to be have a profound effect. From the first session i was able to express my deeply stored emotions with relative ease and had some incredibly strong releases and realisations. Mieka is very talented at tuning into energy and was incredibly thorough when it came to my clearing sessions. Her intuition and awareness helped support me to have a more complete clearing experience and her gentle bullshit detector supported me to have a more thorough and authentic expression. I really appreciated Mieka’s thoroughness and I never felt rushed in the space, which was really important as we were working through some big things which could be quite blocked, to feel like ‘ it will take as long as it takes’ really made me feel held, cared about and supported to work through each level. The spiral journey for me has been profound. It has deepened my emotional awareness which in turn has improved my mental health, how I communicate in key relationships in my life, deepening these connections. I feel I gained awareness and understanding on a lot of past behavioural cycles that were no longer serving me and this awareness is helping me to change them and move forward in my life. I have really loved the imagery involved in the spiral process and has been a wonderful tool to create goals and direction in my life. Working with Mieka was a wonderful experience, I was able to let go of a lifetime of crap experiences which no longer need to shape me, she introduced me to a wide range of tools and techniques that she has gathering from her years of experiences and I recommend her guidance to anyone considering any services she offers . *Josh*

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