WildGrace – Integration session with Tania

Integration session with Tania

Integration session with Tania

with Tania Willis

Integration session for those who have journeyed with a WildGrace training but are longing for 1:1 support to integrate, understand and embody the teachings. An opportunity to be fully supported in where you're at post training, clear what is subconsciously blocking you from using the work, and to receive clarity on what your unique transmission is.

Have you journeyed one of the WildGrace trainings but are longing for 1:1 support to journey the transformational embodiment tools to a deeper level of embodied understanding? 

In this session we will: 

  • Map out a journey unique to the parts of the WildGrace work you feel a deeper desire to connect with
  • Feminine movement practice 
  • Ecstatic breathwork and tantric energy sublimation
  • Go on an archetypal dance journey together 
  • Use emotional clearing using NLP, Kinesiology and Spiral dynamics to clear anything that is subconciously blocking you from sharing this work with the world; with your 1:1 clients, classes or courses 
  • Use the WILDGRACE method and the parasympathetic restoration technique to feel at home in our being and promote deep healing on the physical, mental and cellular levels so pleasure can start to naturally arise and flow through our bodies
  • Use my psychic skills to offer you intuitive reflections on how this work can compliment and enhance what you are already doing in the world to create your own unique transmission of the WildGrace work. 

This is for you if you want to overcome:

  • Feeling unconfident in working with the WildGrace tools
  • Desire to overcome anxiety or self worth issues in being a teacher or practitioner of the Feminine Frequency Formula
  • Feel anxious or stuck when it comes to communicating how you deliver this work with clients
  • Feel blocked around truly feeling and understanding your sensuality and intuition
  • Feeling like you can’t fully express yourself with this work

In working with me you will feel: 

  • Find an ease and voice to communicate how want to show up and deliver this work in the world
  • Alive in your spirit, expression and movement 
  • Clear and confident in how to use the WildGrace tools with yourself and clients 
  • Feel at home in your body and connected to your sensuality and feminine essence 
  • Feel connected to your life force energy and inspired by the creative magic within you


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