WildGrace – UNRAVEL: 1-1 Self-Exploration & Pleasure Invocation

UNRAVEL: 1-1 Self-Exploration & Pleasure Invocation

UNRAVEL: 1-1 Self-Exploration & Pleasure Invocation

with Brighid Rose

An online session to guide you into an exploration of self and an invocation of pleasure. Using emotional clearing, talk therapy/coaching, sexuality education, embodiment practises, and guided meditation, come into greater connection with your body, your pleasure, and the truth of who you are.

You are the Great Mystery that is calling. You hear the voices whispering to you from the depths of your body, but sometimes it is hard to hear what they are saying. Hard to feel what they are feeling. Hard to connect into the deeper parts of you, when there is so much in the way.


In order to drop into your deepest pleasure, it is essential that your nervous system is relaxed and feels safe. It requires a remembering in the body that your pleasure is your own, that you are the sovereign ruler of this magnificent terrain. It requires a mindset that is free of the conditioning that we have received from a world that is rife with sexual shame and dogma. 


These sessions aim to guide you back in to remembering the truth of who you are, and invoking the pleasure that is always available to you.


Sessions can include aspects of:


Sexuality and Pleasure Education

Explore and unpack topics around orgasm, pleasure anatomy, reproductive health, and all things sexuality. Ask the questions you're too afraid to ask your friends. It's all welcome here. Find the clarity and permission you need in order to feel safe, sovereign, and empowered in your sexual self.


Archetypal and Experimental Embodiment

Traverse the facets of your psyche THROUGH your body, using a range of movement exercises, postural and archetypal explorations, and embodied expressions. Move through problems and issues in a playful, evocative, and exploratory way. Often combined with emotional release practises so that whatever is moving through you and be expressed in it's fullest and most authentic truth.


Emotional Clearing and Intuitive Energy Healing

Using kinesiology and NLP based emotional clearing tools (from The Spiral) process, we can tap in to blocked or stagnant emotions that are stored with your system and release them through simple breathwork, pressure-point touch, sound, and movement, coming into a place of harmony and equanimity with your emotions.

When we can experience our emotions in their purest form, we are no longer controlled or overwhelmed by them, rather we can more clearly receive the messages they have for us and communicate with them from an empowered place.


The WILDGRACE Method: the Parasympathetic Restoration Formula 

This practise works with elemental embodiment, sensual yin yoga, emotional release tools, and devotional movement to shift stagnancy from the body and come back into wholeness, pleasure, and devotion with life.


Sessions are woven together organically and inuitively, based on the issue you are choosing to work on as well as any guidance I may receive.


If you have significant trauma or nervous system dysregulation, multiple sessions are recommended in order to create sustainable and long-lasting change.


A 3x session package is available at $500 USD – please email [email protected] to book this.


I come from a multi-faceted journey of somatic sexological bodywork, integrative psychotherapy, experimental embodiment, and intuitive guidance. I believe that the subconscious mind is the body and the body is the subconscious mind, and it is through this incredible vessel that we can connect into the core of our being and evoke the truth of who we are.


To book in, pay via the Book Session link below, and you will soon after be sent the scheduling page to choose your time/date.


With all the love,

Brighid xx

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