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The Descent: 8 week archetypal embodied dance journey

This 8 week journey will explore the archetypal energies which correlate with the chakra system and elementals of the body with embodiment practices, embodied dance, sensual movement formulas, tantric practices, astrology and core shamanism. 

Online via Zoom starting September 14th at 8.30AM BST / 5.30pm AEST

8 weeks

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USD 880.00
GST Included

Embodied Spiral

A specifically tailored 1:1 container
The Spiral is an incredible tool to get you to where you want to be in life faster by clearing parental and ancestral conditioning. It is a registered therapeutic spiritual technology combining the best of Kinesiology, NLP, Spiral dynamics, the chakra system and traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with the WildGrace embodiment teachings it creates a catalyst of transformation, a journey to step into the best version of yourself

online or in person (Byron Bay,Australia)

9 sessions over 9-12weeks

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AUD 1,954.70
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A deep dive 7 day training into the Tantric Movement & Embodiment Arts

In My

7 days

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AUD 4,840.00
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Embracing the shadows; Unlocking The Power

The process consists of three main phases. 
The Illumination, The Integration and The Opening.
Each one of these phases is a journey of its own and a part of a whole process, that brings us the sacred gift of true intimacy through the illumination & integration of our shadows.


6 weeks

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AUD 770.00
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